Put your beauty brand in safe hands



Hi I’m Kira, a social media specialist who’s worked in the fashion and beauty industry for more than ten years.


My goal is to help beauty brands like yours be seen by the right people, to build meaningful relationships with them and to increase sales.


As a professionally-trained social media manager who can draw on more than a decade’s experience as a top hair and make-up artist, I’m the perfect person to take your platforms to the next level.


During my career, I’ve led teams at London Fashion Week and have worked with prestigious clients including the BBC, Google and Sony. So you can feel confident you’re in safe hands.

I can help you if:

  • You’re overwhelmed by the constant demand for social content
  • Your posts aren’t getting the engagement they deserve
  • Your approach is ad-hoc and lacks strategy
  • You need a system that works and you need it now

Why work with me?

As a hair and makeup expert, I saw so many beauty brands struggling to stand out online. That’s why I decided to set up my social media management business and offer my support.


I not only ‘get’ the challenges you face, I know how to overcome them.


Perhaps you’ve tried doing it yourself or have worked with an agency that didn’t give you the attention you needed? Either way, you’re tired of wasting time and money and need a solution that works. I get it.


When you work with me I make it my priority to get to know your business so I can provide you with the highest level of service.


I’m an organised creative, which means I come up with attention-grabbing ideas then implement them in a strategic way.

Together we’ll create a social presence you feel proud of and which aligns beautifully with your amazing products and services.


So, whether you’re looking for training, social management, strategy, audits or help with Facebook and Instagram ads, I’m here to help.


Fancy a chat?

Here’s what other business owners say about working with me:

“Talking with Kira has helped me so much. She assessed my accounts and was able to identify ways I could boost my engagement. The information and advice she gave me has been essential to my day-to-day posting.”

Katie Sawyer, Rumblefish Online


“Before I worked with Kira I was struggling to create a Facebook catalogue, and had no idea how to set up my Facebook and Instagram shop. Working with Kira was easy. She is pleasant, patient, and never made me feel bad about my difficulties with my Facebook for Business account.

Since working with Kira we’ve been approved for Instagram selling and have even hosted a virtual Facebook market.”

Judith Akeru, Maison Archives London


“Kira was calm and patient, the result being that social media now feels more like a manageable task rather than a burden.  She was able to pitch her training at exactly the right tone for a small, community-based social enterprise where there is a mixed skill level.”

Kate Bell, The Lordship Hub



I know my stuff.

Apart from being active on social media all day, every day, I keep my skills up-to-date by investing in the best training out there.

02. Professional

I know what I’m doing.

Having well-thought out systems and processes means that when you work with me, you’ll know exactly what’s happening and when.


I won’t let you down.

My track record shows that I’m loyal and dedicated, in all the work that I do. I really care about my clients; and it shows.


Who I Am

Kira de broglio shaw


Social media manager, trainer & consultant.


“Kira had a good grasp of our particular organisation and understood our needs very quickly. She gave us clear mechanisms to use and work to. She helped us to clarify the multi-faceted nature of our organisation as part of a wider local, community network and the implications for our promotion.”

Kate Bell, Lordship Hub

About kira



Kira is a Freelance Social Media Marketer offering training and the management of social media campaigns.
She did say that at the top of this page but thought it was worth repeating incase you weren’t paying attention.

She has a Distinction Grade Diploma in Social Media Marketing (Digital Mums), a Diploma in Hair & Makeup Styling (London College of Fashion. So you know her eyeliner will be slick.) and is a Certified Social Media Trainer.

Kira shares her social media marketing knowledge with businesses and charities who want to know how it all works, and how they can make social media work for them.

For more information and how to work with Kira click here.



What I Do Best


I can design your content plan including exactly what, where and when you should be posting.


I can manage your social media platforms, as part of your wider marketing plan.


I can curate and create your social media content, from sourcing quotes to designing graphics.


If you want to learn how to manage your own social media, I can design single sessions or full programmes.


Success can only be measured by setting goals. I can keep track of the numbers so you can see whats working.


I can run my expert eye over your social profiles and give you feedback on improvements you can make.